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It is time to welcome your TRUE SELF.  Time to let all your facades fall away. Gold In Love is here to help you become who you really are - beyond the expectations, and self made rules. Realize your unique perspective & Access the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.



“As a person, Caryssa is a really uplifting, nurturing and positive energy to have around. I highly recommend any of her services to other companies. They're powerful!”

— Jackie Aguirre, Heartbeat Operations Associate
Venice Beach, CA

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My name is Caryssa and I'm here to help you discover the power of YOU. Seems simple enough right? The thing that we often don't understand is how much possibility we actually hold within ourselves. How our outer state of existence is a direct reflection of our internal state of being and how this governs our experiences.




Move stagnant energy and receive relaxing clarity. Identify and heal karmic cycles (non-serving action / thought / emotional patterns. Receive channeled guidance from your higher self, ancestors, and spirit guides. Create personalized meditations and breath work. Learn what crystals align with you.